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139:14 IMAGES is derived from the truth that every single one of us despite our cultural, socioeconomic differences, unique physical features and experiences have been created unmistakably wonderful and amazing. Our goal here is to not simply take photos but to do so capturing the very truth of what our name carries. Using the gifts that we possess, we aim to encourage each client and person we meet in our journey about their given identity not only through our words but also through photographs. Our hopes is when our clients look at their photographs that they are forever affirmed of how amazing and beautiful they truly are.



My name is Janina but most people call me Gigi. I am one of the photographers here at 139:14 IMAGES. Aside from being passionate about photography, here are 5 fun facts about me:

  1. A creative by heart and an artist since elementary age. My passion for photography came when I was 14 when I realized taking photos of a subject/s is a lot easier than painting or drawing it. ;)

  2. A transplant from the Philippines and now a Californian since 2004—although I’ve lived in MO, AR, & FL, California will always be one of my favorite states.

  3. An avid sunrise and sunset gazer, a beginner hiker, and a lay-at-the-beach and soak up the sun addict. I often draw fresh and new inspiration from nature.

  4. Often mistaken by others as of Thai-decent. I never complained or even correct them considering I do LOVE Thai food (can you say Papaya Salad!!) and Thailand will always have a special place in my heart.

  5. Usually prefer savory foods versus sweets any day. If I was given a choice between a bowl of ice cream or a bowl of green mangoes, I’d always choose the later.


Cheeeuuuuuuuu! What’s up!

I’m David or DT and besides being one of the photographers here, I usually deal with the business side of 139:14 IMAGES. Here are my 5 fun facts…

  1. I grew up with an amazing Art Teacher for a mom and at a young age, was exposed with impressionism and surrealism art.

2. Participated in competitive sports for years which led me to acquire a great eye for action sports photography.

3. Always a student of light and as a professional photographer, I am constantly training to use and manipulate light that best fit my subjects whether that be people, products, real estate or architecture.

4. A chef for fun and loves experimenting in the kitchen with different spices and ingredients. I’d like to believe I can make a mean carbonara.

5. Skated down one of the steepest and fastest mountain passes that North America has to offer.



We promise…

To be here for you from beginning to end. We understand the stress you experience from finding the right photographers for your wedding/event/portrait session/real estate needs and as self-proclaimed all-around photographers, we want you to know how important for us to take that stress from you and provide you not only with products you will be happy about but with the kind of service that gives you a peace of mind so you can redirect your energy to something else. We have your absolute best in mind and with that, we will do our best to serve you with our gifts and talents any which way we can. We are truly grateful you are considering partnering with us. We hope we can find each other at a coffee shop one day soon discussing details, sharing stories, listening to your needs and wants.

when you realize we’re the perfect match, please feel free to reach out.

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